Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question for us? We've gathered a list of our most frequently asked questions below.


When do I pay for courses?

Tuition payment is required prior to the first class of each quarter to ensure placement in a class.

How can I pay for my courses?

Payment may be made by cash, check (made out to Community Theatre League), VISA or MasterCard. There is a $25 fee for all returned checks.

Is there a payment plan option?

All of our courses would have a Payment Plan Program. However, you are liable for the entire course payment regardless of attendance. For example, a family vacation causing absences from class, payment would still be required for those missed courses. Please do not hesitate to contact Seth Sponhouse, [email protected], for further information.


My schedule has become too chaotic to continue class can I get a refund on this class or just put this tuition towards a future course?

No refunds or credits are given unless a course is cancelled by CAST. Payment may not be transferred or extended towards future tuition. If part of the Payment Plan Program you are still liable for the entire tuition regardless of date of exiting the course.

I no longer wish to take private lesson from the instructor I have, what should I do and do I get any money back?

Should you decide to discontinue private lessons please speak to your teacher in person to inform them that you will not be continuing, a written withdrawal is also needed and should be sent to the Educational Coordinator. If paying on a month to month basis, there would be no refund on the remaining weeks of the month. If you have paid in full for the semester a refund correlating to the remaining weeks of the semester would be given.

Class Expectations and Attendance

While reasonable considerations will be made to accommodate the needs of each student. Community Academy of Stage and Theatre (CAST) reserves the right to reconsider enrollment or send a student home should issues require support beyond the capabilities of the CAST staff. 

Do I have to be at every class?

For the majority of our courses there will a presentation for friends and families at the end of each semester. Students will be involved in this performance; excessive absences will result in a performer being removed from the performance piece. There are no refunds for weekly classes that are missed.

I am sick and cannot make my private voice lesson, what happens?

If you are paying month to month, then a make-up lesson would be at the discretion of the Adjunct Faculty but not guaranteed by the Academy. If you have paid in full for the entire 16-week semester, then a make-up lesson would be guaranteed by the Academy.

How early should I get to class?

Students should arrive at least five minutes prior to their scheduled class time. If you are late for your lesson your teacher will not be able to give you your full lesson time.

What should I bring to class so that I can be best prepared?

Come to each lesson with all necessary materials (music, instrument, and pencil). Water bottles are encouraged. Failure to do so could result in being dismissed from the lesson for the day.

Can I bring food with me to class?

Students should not chew gum or bring food to their lesson or class.

What should I wear to class?

All students should wear clothes that allow for movement. Students should have their hair pulled back off their face. Please, no skirts or dresses.

Private Vocal Studios

I am interested in starting private voice lessons how do I register?

Registration for our private vocal studios happens at the same time as our weekly classes (roughly a little over a month from the start of classes). Sessions are a half hour long at a $35.00 cost per lesson. When registering you have the ability to pay for a guaranteed 16 sessions up front at a $500.00, a $60.00 savings. Or you can take the option of paying on a month to month basis (4 lessons) for $125.00, a savings of $15.00.

What if I am sick and cannot make my private voice lesson?

Only students who paid for the entire semester ($500.00) up front would have the chance to reschedule their lessons, the student is guaranteed 16 sessions with the adjunct faculty. If a student is paying on a month to month basis those lessons are nonrefundable and nontransferable to a different date and time. It is at the discretion of the adjunct faculty whether or not they would allow a rescheduled lesson. Adjuncts should be notified at least 24 hours prior to their lesson time, if a student does not give the adjunct faculty advanced notice of absence then the lesson is nonrefundable regardless of payment option.

What if my private voice instructor needs to reschedule?

You will be notified prior to the cancelled lesson and the adjunct faculty will be rescheduling for a time that the student can make. No substitutes will be used for the private vocal studios.

Adjunct Faculty

What if I don’t understand or like something that my instructor does in class?

Please feel free to discuss any concerns or problems you have directly with your teacher. Your teacher has your best interest in mind and needs to know if something isn’t working for you. In many cases, a simple discussion can fix most problems as long as you are willing to be open with the teacher about the issue.

Will I ever have a substitute teacher?

We are proud to have professional faculty who are still appearing and performing with some of the most respected ensembles in their respective fields. Occasionally their professional duties take them away from our classrooms. When Adjunct Faculty would be not available for their course either the Education Coordinator for CAST or the Artistic Director for Community Theatre League would be stepping in and teaching the course. In this case, substitutes are briefed on the class syllabus, so that the progression of study can go on uninterrupted.

Parent/Guardian Information

Can I watch my child’s lesson or class?

Parents are not able to observe their child’s class. Parents are more than welcome to stay during class time in the Kitchen/Lounge areas.

Will CAST be using my child’s picture for advertisement?

With registration for a course or lessons offered through CAST, consent is hereby given for use of any photographs and/or video taken of you/your child at The School or any performance for promotional purposes. However, if you would like to discuss not using your child’s image it is your responsibility to speak with the Educational Coordinator so that appropriate accommodations can be made.


Weather Cancellations

What if there is bad weather and there was a class scheduled for tonight?

Due to inclement weather announcements will be placed on the Academy’s recorded message by 1pm if weekday afternoon and evening classes are canceled.

How will I find out if the courses schedule this weekend are still on?

In cases of inclement weather that may affect Saturday or Sunday classes, an announcement will be placed on the Academy’s outgoing recorded message by 7am that day if classes are canceled.    

Is there any other way for me to find out if courses are cancelled?

Cancellations will also be posted on the Academy’s website.